Between The Covers

Speaking with Australian author Sam Baker

March 23, 2023 Shawline Publishing
Between The Covers
Speaking with Australian author Sam Baker
Show Notes

Kelly chats to Australian author Sam Baker about his new book 'Portrait of a Princess.' Sam is in the navy and he wrote this book whilst at sea, using it as a way to escape into his imagination, which has brought upon a new fantasy world that will eventually become a trilogy. You can purchase your copy here -




Amelia always thought she was an ordinary girl. 

Moving to the country with her family, she just wanted to explore and practice her art but when she discovers a mystical portal hidden in an ancient antique mirror, her simple life is changed forever…

Amelia discovers beyond the mirror portal, the city of The Arbour - a magical kingdom nestled within the trunk of a yew tree. Before she can comprehend what is happening, Amelia is accused of killing the realm’s beloved queen.

Captured and imprisoned, she can see a prophecy of her ascending to the kingdom throne. To get there, she must first survive deadly spiders, vermin assassins and sinister magic from the dark realms.

She is determined to triumph and fulfil her destiny but when her new kingdom is threatened by forces from the human world beyond, Amelia will face her greatest challenge and will need to choose between her new kingdom and her own family…

“An adventure into imagination and thrills by a passionate new author who creates a world within a world and brings enjoyment with this new classic…” 
Peter, Indie Book reviewer.