Between The Covers

Speaking with Australian author Ingrid J. Adams

March 17, 2023 Shawline Publishing
Between The Covers
Speaking with Australian author Ingrid J. Adams
Show Notes

Brad chats to author Ingrid J. Adams about the creative inspiration for new book 'Descended,' which cleverly intertwines the genre of fantasy and romance with topics of mental health, existentialism, and growing up. You can purchase your copy here -



Indigo Wolfe is that guy everybody wants to be or be with. He lights up everyone he meets and he definitely knows how to have fun.

But he’s barely holding on by a thread.

Because Indigo isn't what he seems. He has secrets. And he's so often consumed – by the pain, by the darkness, by all he can feel and hear and see that no one else can.

Why is he plagued by abilities others are not?

When he meets the ethereal Cordelia Carlisle, he's hit with a sense of recognition that traverses lifetimes. He’s welcomed into her family and as they grow closer he lets her see the parts of him he keeps hidden.

The only thing he can't show her is she's everything to him.

When they’re torn apart, Indigo descends into darkness, bombarded by that which is not of this world.

Indigo must choose whether to give up, or whether to fight – for himself, for answers, and for Cordelia, the girl he seems destined to love and to lose over and over, life after life… 

Unless this time, he can get it right.

“Tantalising love story that brings in all the mystery of fantasy and the supernatural. Phenomenal read, can’t wait for the next instalment!” 
Alice, Indie Book reviewer