Between The Covers

Speaking with Australian author Rosie La Rosa

March 10, 2023 Shawline Publishing
Between The Covers
Speaking with Australian author Rosie La Rosa
Show Notes

Kelly chats to Rosie La Rose, author of "It's Not Me, It's YOU!" A book that is incredibly relatable and inspiring for those who have been effected by narcissistic abuse. Rosie talks about wanting to write a book that reassures people that they are not the problem, the narcissist is. You can purchase your copy here -


Deflated, you make a plan of how to minimise exposure to this person.

In another meeting, you are the target of passive-aggressive jabs. You know speaking up only makes you look bad. The aggressor is the manager's friend. They are a Protected Species.

The Storm Cloud enters the office in the form of a disgruntled staff member. Your best defense is to stay clear of their path of destruction.

Some tolerate the Narcissist, the Protected Species, the Storm Cloud, and, at times, seem to enjoy their company, leaving you even more confused.

But on closer inspection, you see something different. All is not as it seems. As those same patterns of behaviour appear, over and over, it becomes clear in your mind: It's not me. It's YOU.

"The characters in the book are so real, they could easily be someone in your workplace or even in personal life. The book is very well written. Would highly recommend it to anyone!!" 
Little Lina, Barnes & Noble