Between The Covers

Speaking with Australian author Kelly Wilson on her new book

October 05, 2022 Shawline Publishing
Between The Covers
Speaking with Australian author Kelly Wilson on her new book
Show Notes

Bradley and Kelly talk about her new book, THE SHADOWS IN MY MIND and her writing passions that include her love of learning and digging into the world around her. Grab your copy here -

AT NINETEEN, AANYA WAS ONE OF THE LUCKY ONES.  Aanya knew she had a second chance to escape her past. Only she still has no memory of her life before waking from a coma. 
Suffering trauma amnesia from her abusive past, Aanya’s mind has locked the truth away to protect her. 
All Aanya knows is she was a long-time victim of child trafficking, stolen from Nepal and smuggled into India at a very young age.
Aanya is often troubled by debilitating pain and scattered images racing through her mind. 
Aanya is faced with a devastating revelation when a mysterious letter arrives from India, telling her that someone she had loved remains in captivity.
Aanya’s path ahead will be dangerous and she must try to put all the pieces of her past together in time to accomplish her true freedom. 
As her memory starts to reveal its secrets, Aanya soon will come face to face with the man who was responsible for it all.

“A dramatic story of courage and redemption from a talented and emotive writer of our time…” Angela, IndieBook reviewer

Kelly Wilson has been passionate about working with people and making a positive difference her whole life. As a primary school educator for 22 years, her role varied from class room teacher, mentor, teacher educator and literacy specialist. Her public speaking roles within the community and filming have been very successful.