Between The Covers

Speaking with talented new children author, Kelly Wilson

July 15, 2022 Shawline Publishing
Between The Covers
Speaking with talented new children author, Kelly Wilson
Show Notes

Bradley talks candidly with new children author Kelly Wilson about her wonderful and colourful new book Lady Lulu - grab one here -

Lulu is a beautiful feline princess, honoured and worshiped by all…or so she thinks.

In a dangerous turn of events, Lulu’s life is threatened.

The comfortable world she rules over, changes forever.

Who will save her? 

Should she continue to be the snobby princess she simply adores and change her ways or will Lulu come to realise that the world is filled with others who are just important as she?

This funny, rhyming story, based on true events, will touch your heart.

A tale which highlights the importance of empathy and diversity.

‘A great story of self-learning and how we can often forget that we are not as important as those about us.’

‘Wonderful… loved it!’ Marilyn, Indiebook Reviewer

Kelly Wilson has been passionate about working with people and making a positive difference her whole life. As a primary school educator for 22 years, her role varied from class room teacher, mentor, teacher educator and literacy specialist. Her public speaking roles within the community and filming have been very successful. 

Kelly now proudly operates her educational consultant business, Wings for Grace. 

She is a passionate writer and author. 

Kelly lives with her family and much loved animals in their small semi rural community. She loves adventure and exploring from the bush to the beach. In awe of the world and it’s wonders, she is forever curious and in search of the magic nature provides.