Between The Covers

Speaking with new Australian children author David Webby

July 12, 2022 Shawline Publishing
Between The Covers
Speaking with new Australian children author David Webby
Show Notes

Bradley speaks with new Australian author and adventure traveller, David Webby about his exceptional new children series, THE MISADVENTURES OF HARRY AND LARRY.
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Then they discovered the path of the Way Show-ers and saved their friend from becoming the main course with a hungry smiling crocodile.

Now Harry and Larry, the two bush Mice from the Bunya Mountains along with their human counterparts, the Humbledinks, travel to the famous big red rock, Uluru.

Maybe they will learn the deeper understanding of their path from the King Brown snake that lives at the base of Uluru? The Wise Turtle Elders told them they have to Journey to the Heart, but what does that mean?

When Charlie locks his keys in the car, the Mice and their friends are at the mercy of the freezing desert night. Will the Mice remember the lessons they have learned and find the answers they need to get home safely?

This is a pair of Mice find that there is more to life than they knew and destiny was not an easy way to discover their true worth…

Come on another adventure and share the fun and learning with Harry and Larry in this third instalment of a classic Australian book for all ages!

“The great thing for these stories is the sense of wonder and innocence that brings the gentle learning to the surface and gives a sense of fun to what the world around us is really like, even if through the eyes of mice…well done Mr Webby, great work!” Roger, indiebook reviewer.