Between The Covers

Speaking with Australian author Steve Hile

June 02, 2022 Shawline Publishing
Between The Covers
Speaking with Australian author Steve Hile
Show Notes

Bradley chats with sports writer and novelist, Steve Hile about his new and exceptional work on the life of young Griffo from the Rocks in Sydney - what a fascinating life this small boxer had - find out more and read the book here -

The top of these gangs was the Greens push and they were led by a tough bare-knuckle fighter by the name of Larry Foley.

One of their pastimes was running illegal underground prize-fights. Mr Foley became a pioneer for the Marques of Queensbury rules fighting, later known as “boxing”. 

Larry trained many of the best boxers in Australia and some of the best in the world. In the 1880s Larry was introduced to a well-known street fighting kid called - Young Griffo. The kid, under Larry’s training, became a true boxer and won the Australian boxing title, then one year later became the first Australian to win the World Title. 

Promoters, crowds and the press were amazed by his speed and skill. Filled with confidence, Young Griffo headed for the States to tackle their best and found he had become extremely popular for his cleverness and entertaining way of boxing and winning.

Years past, age progressed, and old boxing fans would often approach him with praises and most sports journalists rated him as one of the cleverest boxers to ever lace on a pair of gloves. 

Young Griffo was a true legend of the sport, and you hold in your hands the story of how and why this very legend came about…

“A stylised account of greatness that makes the world of sport more impressive in times of such challenges and conflicts…well done and great read..” Ryan, Indiebook reviewer

Steve Hile has been interested in sports and writing most of his life and through the Young Griffo story,  has been able to bring the two together. He has a diploma in sports journalism and after having published articles in newspapers, has now realized his passion in completing his first book.  Steve lives in western Sydney with his wife and three children and has always been involved in sports, both competing and following. His interest was sparked by this story of one of Australia's most incredible athletes and he is excited to share the first biography on Albert Griffiths, known as Young Griffo, to be written and published in Australia.