Between The Covers

Speaking with Australian author Kevin Wiley

May 31, 2022 Shawline Publishing
Between The Covers
Speaking with Australian author Kevin Wiley
Show Notes

Bradley Speaks with new Australian author Kevin Wiley on his exceptional new thriller - Danger in Hong Kong.
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Sent on her first official assignment, Ella is focused on making a good impression with her boss...

Only the underworld of kidnapping and trafficking of young girls was not a planned part of the mission for agent Ella Portman, who finds herself inadvertently thrust into the sleezy operations of the Hong Kong Triads while attempting to save young women from being sold to the rich and corrupt clients, and while also trying to stay alive as the Triads try to stop her crusade from bankrupting their enterprise…

The tension is choking as Ella races through the city of Hong Kong on a mission of time and diplomacy, and although sent there to seek out 20 containers of armaments that went missing while being shipped from Afghanistan to Australia, she must survive the city low life and fight off the underworld killer elite to stay alive…

Millions of dollars at stake for the Triads; Billions of dollars at stake for the arms dealers; reputations of the rich and infamous at stake if discovered to be involved in the sex trading operation and ASIO Agent Ella Portman diving into the middle of it all with only one instinctive tactic as her guiding force; To stay alive.

“A fast paced, well thought out action romp of old school spies and crims that flips pages like a hurricane and leaves you wanting more…a great novel and new talent…” David, Indiebook reviewer.

Kevin Wiley was born and raised in New Zealand before travelling to Melbourne, Australia as a young man. Working in information technology, Kevin developed an eye for detail in all reporting which he has translated into his writings.

Being a keen sportsman playing rugby, squash, basketball, golf and a black belt in Aikido gave Kevin a great grounding for his character Ella Portman to achieve great things. Always a reader of the adventure spy genre plus a large selection of First and Second World War non fiction and fiction gave him a fantastic grounding in the military/espionage world, which has lead Kevin to fulfilling a promise to a friend to write a novel using some of her adventures as the basis for the alluring and successful Ella Portman series.