Between The Covers

Speaking with new author Marie Sorenson

April 05, 2022 Shawline Publishing
Between The Covers
Speaking with new author Marie Sorenson
Show Notes

Will sits down with Marie Sorenson to discuss her fantastic new book, Walking Her Way Backwards. 

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Walking her way backwards illuminates the internal journey seeking what is inside the heart, whilst physically walking forwards to complete the Camino pilgrimage.

Emmell travels eight hundred kilometres on this famous, historical pilgrimage with her husband. At the height of great physical pain, mental endurance, emotional fragility, and spiritual questioning is described and shared while walking the Camino trail.

The destination is the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela and reward is the everlasting moments of the experience and summation of one woman’s life and learning as she explores the greatness of this planet’s simple awe inspiring beauty but also discovers the vastness of the human spirts within.

“A glorious tale of human growth and endurance that marks a new voice in Australian writing as Emmell navigates through emotional vulnerabilities and physical demands with professional prose and true passion for her experiences and story to be shared with us…a triumph.” Natalie, Indiebook reviewer.

Emmell Sørensen is a seasoned walker who in 2017 travelled eight hundred kilometres across Spain to complete a pilgrimage. Emmell planned and trained for five years to prepare for this undertaking, trekking many varied paths in contrasting weather conditions.

Emmell is a mother, writer, musician, music therapist, teacher and pastoral carer who has spent her life walking a metaphorical journey with people. Working in hospitals, special education schools and out in the community,

Emmell has accompanied people during the most challenging and celebratory times of their lives. It is this interest in people and self that originally inspired the idea of walking a pilgrimage, then writing a memoir.

Emmell is a Melbourne based writer living with her husband, Camino Boy. They have four adult children together.